ESG Investing – The EQ Future Leaders Portfolios

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The EQ Future Leaders portfolios have been launched in order to provide a passive sustainable investment solution. These portfolios use only low cost, passive funds that focus on ESG leaders with additional overweights in selected impact themes. Find out more here.

Spring Budget 2021

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Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, delivered his second Budget on 3 March declaring that “we will recover”. The key fiscal event, which had been delayed from the Autumn due to the pandemic, centred on a £65bn three-part plan designed to continue supporting British people and businesses through the pandemic, ‘fix‘ the public finances once recovery begins and lay the foundations for the future economy.

Winter 2021 Money & Wealth

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Our vulnerabilities have been laid bare over the last year. as the pandemic took hold of all of our lives, and continues to present challenges on a variety of levels. Economic frailties have been exposed but, as we enter 2021, hope hangs in the air with the prospect of recovery in the New Year and beyond.

Winter Newsletter 2021

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As a new decade dawned, we could not have foreseen what the year would hold in store for us. A year on, there is growing positivity for 2021, but we mustn’t forget what our experiences of the last 12 months have taught us. Surely one crucial lesson from 2020 is the need to prioritise financial wellbeing so that we can cope with life’s unexpected events?

Summer Newsletter 2020

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Taking the time to properly plan your estate involves balancing the goals of ensuring you have sufficient funds to live on, as well as organising your finances so your assets are protected for your loved ones when you are not around anymore. Our Summer Newsletter contains some useful tips to consider to protect your families future.