At retirement

Congratulations on your retirement! After a lifetime of hard work, it’s certainly a milestone to be celebrated.

Our aim is to ensure that all our clients reach and enter retirement feeling positive about their finances and confident that they can realise their plans for retirement. Whether you want to travel the world, adopt a slower pace of life and spend more time with the grandchildren, or launch a new business venture doing something you’ve always wanted to try your hand at, the aim of our work is to ensure your plans are achievable.

We’ll help you prepare a roadmap and support you every step of the way, making sure that whatever path your life now takes, your finances aren’t a source of worry that hold you back.

You might be concerned about:
  • How best to use your investments, savings and pensions to maintain your lifestyle in retirement

  • Whether your retirement income will be enough to meet your basic needs and still allow you to enough to enjoy your life

  • Whether you need to keep working in some capacity to keep your income levels high

You might be seeking advice on:
  • How you are going to fill your time now you are retired – not everyone enters retirement with a plan

  • How you can preserve your wealth for as long as possible

  • Making a plan that guarantees you long term financial security

We will help by

Explaining your pension options. The introduction of Pension Freedoms in 2015 means more choice when it comes to drawing a retirement income. It’s also more important than ever to take expert advice when finding the right option for you

Helping you visualise what you want from your retirement. While some people approach retirement with a clear plan for their freedom years, others are anxious about how they’ll fill their time and whether the lack of work will leave a hole in their life

Using cutting edge cashflow modelling technology to analyse your finances and the impact of different life events and changes in circumstance on your cashflow. This will help you foresee any shortfalls and put arrangements in place to plug any gaps

Implementing the changes that need to happen and supporting you every single step of the way. With our ongoing support, we can help ensure you stay on track to your vision of the future no matter what twists and turns life takes in the run-up

Providing clarity. We will answer your questions in clear, jargon-free language so that you feel fully able to make informed decisions about your future. We make the sometimes complex world of pensions and investments simple to understand

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