High Earners

You may have questions about how to plan efficiently for the sale of your business or maybe your own retirement. Or you may be wondering how to maximise your income now, to help save for the future.

If you’ve worked hard to build a successful business or career, we can help to protect the wealth you’ve generated to provide for your retirement and for future generations too.

As a high earner you will be paying high levels of tax on your income, but possibly on your savings and investments as well. In addition, you may find yourself limited to what you can pay into your pension tax efficiently.

Our approach requires real understanding, to help steer you through the complexities of financial planning. Our planning process is comprehensive and also considers ill-health or death so there’s financial security no matter what life brings.

You might be concerned about:
  • Maintaining your lifestyle as you move in to retirement

  • Protecting your wealth for your family and future generations

  • Tax planning so you can maximise your income

You might be seeking advice on:
  • Selling your business and how to plan for the sale

  • Your income and whether you could be seeing better tax efficiencies

  • What you want when your income reduces or stops as you exit your career or business

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