In retirement

Retirement isn’t a destination, but a journey in itself!

There are adventures to be had, achievements to be celebrated and challenges to overcome. We work with clients right through their retirement years to ensure they are assured continued financial security and that their finances are supporting their needs. Whether your aims are to tick some items off the bucket list during your active retirement years, or to ensure your later life care needs can be comfortably met, we are here to help you prepare for and meet the costs of life, however you choose to live it.

We’ll also help you think about how you want to pass your wealth on, and find solutions to ensure your wealth goes to those you want to benefit, without the burden of a large tax bill.

You might be concerned about:
  • Whether your current arrangements will allow you to living comfortably for the rest of your life

  • Whether you have enough to achieve those goals you have, whether it’s renovating your house or travelling abroad

  • What you should be putting aside for your later life care needs and whether you will have enough

You might be seeking advice on:
  • Whether you can afford to do all those things you still want to achieve in life

  • Understanding how much money you need to continue to live comfortably for the rest of your life

  • How to ensure your wishes are honoured after your death and lower the inheritance tax bill your loved ones will face when they inherit

We will help by

Using cutting edge cashflow modelling technology to analyse your current financial picture and your likely future financial picture, giving you an accurate illustration of what your future could look like under your current arrangements, and with some changes

Visualising what you want from your retirement. With some people approach retirement with a clear plan for their freedom years, others find it a more challenging transition and appreciate our help in identifying what their ideal retirement looks and feels like

Answering your questions. You may want to know whether to downsize, whether to help your children or grandchildren financially, or whether you can afford to take that trip of a lifetime. We provide the data to help you see how each decision affects you

Providing security. It’s hard to feel confident about much in your life if you don’t have confidence in your finances. Knowing they have enough in the pot to support their decisions and their changing life needs provides our clients with much-wanted peace of mind

Providing clarity. We will answer your questions in clear, jargon-free language so that you feel fully able to make informed decisions about your future. We make the sometimes complex world of pensions and investments simple to understand

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