Worried about Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Inheritance tax is a tax on the property, money and possessions of someone who’s passed away.

Inheritance tax can cost those who inherit on the death of a loved one, hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, with the right planning, it’s possible to prevent your loved ones facing this large tax bill when they inherit. However the rules around inheritance tax can be complex which is why it’s vitally important you take expert advice before making any decisions.

Our Chartered Financial Planner is very experienced at helping families transfer wealth in a tax-efficient way and can explain the way to protect your assets and the protective qualities a trust can provide.

You might be concerned about:
  • Whether the value of your estate falls over the inheritance tax threshold

  • Whether your family will need to pay a large tax bill after your death

  • What you are legally allowed to do to avoid inheritance tax being due

We will help by

Valuing your estate and calculating how much tax would be due on your estate under your current arrangements

Explaining the rules on gifting and what constitutes a gift. Explaining the rules on charitable donations and leaving a legacy

Explaining the rules surrounding the ‘residence nil rate band’, what happens if you are tenants in common and explaining where exemptions apply to the rules

Advising you on how you can legally reduce the amount of inheritance tax that will be due on your estate

Helping you make decisions about which course of action is best suited to your family and your unique set of circumstances

Find out how we helped Darren Long

Having peace of mind is really good, I have a will in place, my properties are in trust and my family are secure

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