Jayant Pandya

My name is Jay Pandya, and I’ve known Jonathan for over six years now.

The essential thing was that Jonathan came recommended to me because he was a pension specialist. I was about to sell my dental practices in Hemel Hempstead, and I needed guidance on how to maximise my pension planning. Jonathan, who knew my son, was recommended to me.

Jonathan came across as very trustworthy, he came across as very natural. Essentially, the reason why I opted to go with Jonathan, in the end, was that he was not a blanket financial adviser. He was curtailing all his advice to my personal needs, and my situations, and therefore his advice was to help maximise my financial gains.

He has saved me tons of money with Inheritance Tax, he has helped me deal with Capital Gains Tax. He’s helped me with putting things in trust.

I can approach Jonathan, as a friend, and I think his trustworthiness is paramount. He is very friendly. He comes across as very genuine, in his approach, he won’t give you blanket advice on anything. He will actually work out exactly what you need. He will have options open for you. He knows your needs.

The way Jonathan has planned my financial planning, he’s assured me and (I know this is going to be true) that I will have enough money to last me to my dying day and enjoy life to what I’ve been used to.

Jonathan is independent in his ways, he will get the best for you, regardless. He’s not there for his own financial gains. He will actually curtail your situation, to your best needs.

The best thing about working with Jonathan is his approachability. I can approach Jonathan at any time with a single phone call, and he will come up with a solution to my needs.

I would recommend Jonathan to other people because he has done wonders for me. I have already recommended more than 12 people to him. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan to people who need it.

I can approach Jonathan as a friend, his trustworthiness is paramount

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