Jeff & Kerry

My name is Kerry, I’m married to Jeff, and we’ve been clients of John for about 18 months to two years.

We got in touch with John because we were starting to review our finances to make sure everything was in place. Our situation changed as I had retired, and we were looking to make sure that things were in place for now. So we could enjoy our lives together, but also for the future. We’re looking at bringing our savings together in one effective platform to evaluate where we were, and also to plan for the future.

When you’re looking for local reviews, you pick reviews up from the computer, and it gives you an indication. It doesn’t mean they’re going to be good people, but it gives you a start. That’s what we needed. We used the reviews initially, to give us our first step to getting to know Future Start and Jon, to see if he can provide what we needed. From that point onwards, we had an initial meeting, and then Kerry and I left, we talked about it. We discussed how we felt with Jon, we determined his level of knowledge and were very impressed. From that point onwards we decided to go on to the next step.

The sort of things Jon recommended, were evaluating our present position. He looked at everything that we had at the moment, and then discussed with us our changing needs. For instance, our level of risk, did we really need a certain level of risk or were we going to play things a bit more safely? From that point on, he undertook a financial evaluation with us. Then from the evaluation, he could go away and come up with some suggestions that he brought back to us. Those things we considered, we discussed them together. The various things that we didn’t understand, he talked through with us carefully so that we understood things. That helped us make our decision on how to move forward.

I believe in the 18 months we’ve been seeing Jon, we’ve definitely made the right decision in going with him. We’ve been back for several reviews, and each time we’ve come away feeling – yes, he was definitely the right person to go with. If we had to choose again, I think we would definitely go with him. No question.

The best thing about working with Jon is the relationship that we’ve built up, we feel he knows our needs, and he works towards our needs. We feel we can discuss things with him, and he will take our best interest to heart. We also feel we can rely on him to do what’s best for us, for our future.

We were concerned about investing our savings in a way that would be ethical and would be working for the future of our planet. Jon was able to recommend various companies on our investment platform that would do just that.

I’d certainly recommend John because he provides a supportive environment based on a range of experiences that he’s had over the years, which has given him the expertise that will enable him to do what’s best for us and our future wellbeing.

We can rely on Jonathan to do what’s best for our financial future

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