Hayley Robertson

Client Relationship Manager

At Work

Hayley comes from a background working in finance and governance. Her day-to-day role at Future Start involves keeping the back office system up-to-date, communicating with clients to arrange appointments, updating details and client records, and helping to keep the administration running smoothly.

Hayley loves organising, planning and enjoys supporting the whole team so that clients get a seamless and efficient service.


  • Spending time with my family
  • Sunshine
  • Chocolate
  • Wine
  • Watching films


  • Cold weather
  • Being late
  • Bad drivers
  • Olives
  • Bad manners

My favourite song to play in the car is:

Usually my children’s current favourite!

The first album I bought was:

Yazz and the Plastic Population(!)

If I could be any fictional character, I would be:

Mary Poppins

If I could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, I would win a medal in:


When the dessert menu arrives, I’m looking for:


The three qualities that draw me to new people are:

Friendliness, openness, honesty.

My pet peeve is:

Bad drivers

The best gift I’ve ever received is:

Any that involved holidays and travelling.

The three small things that make my day better are:

Being prepared, coffee, family.

Three things I haven’t done so far include:

Travelled to South America, ran a marathon, drove more than 60 miles in one trip!

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